PS3 Splinter Cell gets sexy spy

A new playable female spy will form part of the exclusive content for the PS3 version of Splinter Cell Double Agent. The sleek, streamlined character, complete with rubber fetish-style body suit was revealed in the February editionof GamesRadar's sister magazine,PSM.

"When we started working on the PS3-specific content, the spy-girl was on the top of the list," Stephane Baudet, Studio Director at UbiSoft Annecy told PSM. "We really liked the idea because it really embraces the fact that the spy should be cat-like, very nimble." What he didn't say is that it gave them the chance to create molded breast armor.

Ubisoft UK was unable to provide us with an image of the feline-styled agent today but we're told to expect something later in the week. In the meantime, you'll have to make do with a low-res image taken from the cover of PSM, which reveals the operative's skin-hugging stealth suit and a strange built in night-vision goggle unit, in beautiful grain-o-vision.

Above: PSM's latest cover reveals the new playable Cell character

She's only been confirmed as playable in multiplayer and, to make sure the game is kept balanced, she's been afforded no extra abilities. You can't even make her meow or purr. Elsewhere, two new multiplayer maps have been added (Kinhasa and Secret Base) and, as is customary with a new PS3 release, SixAxis controls (yet to revealed) are being dutifully included - our bet is on motion-sensitive stealth kill.

Check back towards the end of the week for new images and information on PS3 Splinter Cell Double Agent.

January 22, 2007