PS3 spec madness continues

Tuesday 16 May 2006
Confusion continues to reign within Sony over what specifications the two different models of PlayStation 3 will feature.

On the E3 show floor on Friday, we were told by a Sony staffer on the company's stand that the 20GB version of PS3 would not feature an upgradeable hard drive and that, unlike the more expensive version, it would require wired controllers - contrary to what the official PS3 spec sheet stated.

However, a spokesperson for Sony UK has today confirmed that both models will indeed support wireless bluetooth controllers and that the 20GB hard drive will, in fact, be upgradeable.

They also added that the 20GB incarnation will be able to achieve WiFi compatibility if you buy an adaptor and that it will also support the use of memory cards if you also buy another, separate, USB adaptor.

Above: Even staffers on Sony's own stand at last week's E3 weren't clear on the differences between the two PS3 models

All this may well be academic for UK gamers though, since it currently seems as if the 20GB version of PS3 may never be released here anyway. Although, again, Sony itself isn't entirely clear on this, having told us yesterday that, "Following our announcements at E3, all sales teams are currently liaising with retailers/buyers to discuss projections and consumer demands for both the 20GB/60GB configurations of PlayStation 3."

Further PS3 uncertainty was created last week when it emerged that third-party developers - including behemoths such as EA - didn't even know about the new PS3 tilt pad until Sony's pre-E3 conference last Monday (8 May). Even after that, some developers still didn't even realise that the new pad no longer included a vibrate function.

With the new console's launch set for November, Sony's PS3 strategy still seems to be lacking conviction. It's going to be an interesting six months.