PS3 Skate footage in the house - watch it!

The guys over at PSM3 mag have been playing Skate to death over the past few days for an upcoming exclusive review. Perphaps one of the coolest elements of the game -that isn't the skating itself -is the advanced video editor that allows players to create movie edits of their best tricks.

Dan Dawkins editor on PSM3 (and real-life skater) sums up why it's so great in a few words:"It really nails the feeling of skateboarding. It's very easy to fall off, which makes it more satisfying when you sucessfully pull off tricks. In Tony Hawks it's just a button press to perform a trick - in Skate you've really got towork foryour tricks.Tony Hawkis just a video game,Skate democratizes the thrill of skateboarding without the pain of having to learn it for real."

Check out PSM3's blog here for more impressions and for the full exclusive review buy PSM3,on sale 27 September. Meanwhile, here's an exclusivevideo of Dan's deck escapades.