PS3 launch: This was waiting

April 2006
Be shocked! Amazed! As Sony hits out with a double-whammy of good news, claiming that the predicted bank-busting price of PlayStation 3 would actually be a real bloody bargain, before strapping down MotorStorm, Strangehold and Resistance: Fall of Man for the console's launch line-up. Well, two out of three 'aint bad...

May 2006
Another E3, another big unveiling. This time, Sony appeared to douse the internet inferno campaigning against PS3's boomerang-shaped controller (despite no one in the world having actually used it) by introducing the Sixaxis motion-sensitive controller. Although, as is their want, the 'net kiddies soon found something else to bash Sony with, pointing at the controller's capabilities and shrieking "Copycat!".