PS3 launch: This was waiting

December 2005
As 2006 beckoned, Sony continued to stick by its original plans to launch PlayStation 3 in the coming spring, despite the fact that the world hadn't actually seen the console since May. And, in case Microsoft was getting comfortable as Xbox 360 reached its first birthday, Phil Harrison rattled everyone's cage by declaring that the High-Defintion generation wouldn't actually begin until Sony said so.

January 2006
The new year began with splutterings from Sony, as it tried passing PS3 off as a cut-price Blu-ray player. Albeit one that wouldn't play Japanese filth. Analysts started making our lives worse again, predicting that Europe would have to wait until March 2007 for PlayStation 3. Phhhfff! What do they know?

Then, in a soon-to-be-customary attitude reversal, Sony were suddenly hinting at a familiar online strategy - a questionnaire indicating PS3's move to a more Xbox Live-style affair.

Above: Warhawk made a welcome appearance, along with others, at GDC in March

February 2006
After its elusive stance on PS3's online setup, it was satisfying to finally see some firm details emerge between January and February, detailing Sony's plans for internet gaming - and more. And it was heartening that although tech problems with PS3's innards were being reported, Sony wouldn't budge on its aim to launch in the spring. But would we see PS3 in the flesh at February's Taipai show? Er, no.

March 2006
A big month for Sony heralded more rumours of a launch delay, as the company protested that PS3 would appear in spring. But even news that the next-gen console would feature last-gen downloads couldn't distract us as Sony finally relented, and announced that PS3 wouldn't arrive until November. Although, happily, it would launch simultaneously worldwide, and with a hard drive included.

Better news was on hand,as the Game Developer's Conference provided a stage for the unveiling of the new Ratchet & Clank adventure. While whoops were heard and high-fives nearlythrown at GamesRadar towers as Sony established that PS3's online servicewould be free, the games came out to play, and the worldwide launch was confidently confirmed. Again.