PS3 hard to develop for? No, says Sigma dev

Yosuke Hayashi, director of Ninja Gaiden Sigma which is due out on PS3 later this year, has said that developers claiming that PS3 is hard to develop for is just an "excuse to the consumer."

"For us it's not a question of being easy to develop for, that's a relative term," Yosuke told

"When we first got our hands on the hardware it took us a while to get back into the flow of working with Sony, because the way they do things is a little different," he explained.

"The developers that say it's too hard to develop for and complain about it are missing the point. It sounds like an excuse to the consumer to us."

Above: Ninja Gaiden Sigma, being developed by Hayashi, shows development done right on the PS3

"If you're going to do a project you have to do the best you can. It's like if you bought a CD and it sounded bad and the singer said it was because the studio and the engineer were no good. Ultimately it's up to that person to make sure they have the quality that's needed," he said.

Speaking proudly of Ninja Gaiden Sigma, he added: "Look at what were able to do and the quality we are able to achieve and that speaks for itself. I think people will be satisfied with what we were able to do. If we can do it then other people will be able to do it as well."

He makes a solid point. Have you seen the latest Sigma screens? The game looks stunning. More like this please, PS3 developers.

March 28, 2007