PS3 Getaway caught on camera

The Getaway 3 (MOV, 4.24MB) - right-click to download

Wednesday 17 May 2006
Since Sony's initial unveiling of PlayStation 3, it has been known that a new Getaway game was in the making for the next-gen console. But little more has been seen of the sequel... until now.

Sony showed next-gen footage of a photo-realistic London from the game as a tech demo to illustrate PS3's processing power at last year's E3, and released the impressive shots seen in our images tab, above. But while the new trailer - downloadable from the link above - is short, it demonstrates the attention to detail and realism we can expect from the game.

Rumours surrounding the project suggest that it won't be called The Getaway 3 as plans are for it to be somewhat different to the previous two titles in the series. It will, however, be set in the same universe and, from the trailer, it's obvious that it will have the same gritty and mature action.