PS3 Eye in action: first screens and video

It's hidden right down at the bottom of the PlayStation 3 update web site (opens in new tab) but itcaught our attention:

"The [Test Camera] option under [Accessory Settings] has been changed to [Camera Device Settings]."

Mainly, because precariouslyperched on top of our Toshiba HDTV since last week there's been a PlayStation Eye cam - sadly unused, even though the lights come on when you power up thePS3 and it falls on the floor every time you touch the TV.

So here it is working!Even thoughit's just a "test camera" option at the moment the small window it opens up on screen displays an image far superior to what we were used to with old EyeToy's grain-o-vision - we can't wait to see the quality in full screen. And yes, that is an option to choose 50Hz or 60Hz.

Here's a short video of the camera being moved around. It's worth it, if only just to see how unimaginative we were with our film subject: filming the man capturing the footage.

June 6, 2007