PS Vita's Escape Plan comes to life in developer diary

It's been a few months since Sony first unveiled Lil and Laarg, the greyscale heroes of the PlayStation Vita launch title Escape Plan. True, they don't look like your typical video game stars, but after seeing these two atypical mascots running amok in this new developer diary, you might be convinced to make Escape Plan a day one purchase.

Escape Plan is being produced for Sony by Fun Bits Interactive, a studio comprised in part by the same talents behind the Fat Princess games. In it, players will be charged with guiding Lil and Laarg through a number of environmental dangers and traps using the PS Vita's multi-touch functions.

Launching a colorless game with the PS Vita seems counter-productive, but if the video is any indication, Escape Plan could very well be one of the most visually striking titles on the new system. Read our preview for a hands-on impression, or play with them yourself when Escape Plan arrives with the PS Vita on February 22, 2012.

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