Prototype 2 looks strung out in "The Power of Tendrils" video

There are few careers where owning a pair of tendrils is considered an advatange, but for mass murdering super mutants, they're almost a professional necessity. Watch now as Prototype 2's lead killer James Heller uses his to get the job done (and the some) in Radical Entertainment'senjoyably disturbing“The Power of Tendrils” video.

“Dismemberment is probably my favorite [ability],” says a grinning Dave Fracchia, Radical's VP of technology. “With tendril power, you can actually rip an enemy in half. Dismemberment never felt so good.”

Never, Dave? Really? Ignoring the fact his colleague just admitted to engaging in comparable amounts of dismemberment, senior producer Paul Pawlicki adds: “The amount of fun that you can have in this sandbox area of just string cars up and stringing people just forget about the game. That's my favorite thing by far.”

You too can experience the raw, meaty powerof tendrils when Prototype 2 launches next year for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Jul 15, 2011

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