Project Origin - nasty in latest shots

A new dose of Project Origin blood and horror is on the table today in the wake of agameplay trailerfrom last week. Take a look at thelatest screenshots.

Above: "Give us a kiss!"

Project Origin, if you didn't know, is Monolith's unofficial sequel to F.E.A.R. and returns us to shock and gore and slow-mo gun battles.

It won't just be soldiers you're up against, either. Flesh-eating loony-men with heightened strength and a penchant for writing spooky messages in their own bodily fluids will ask for gun-based attention, as will ninja-esque assassins and the ever-welcome big, stompy robot suits.

Excitingly, your entanglements with such folks are freed from the confines of corridors and warehouses - Origin plays out in a paranormally devastated city. The open spaces should mean a less linear and more tactical journey of killing.

More on Project Originhere.

Courtesy of CVG.

Apr 7, 2008