Project 8 on the projector

As Tony Hawk's Project 8 skates closer to its November launch on PS3 and 360, we've got in-game footage of the slick and solid new title in action - check the Movies tab above.

The PS3 version will be making full use of the SixAxis controller, with every single move mapped to a tilt or shove function - from steering to balancing to pulling ollies and tricks.

Project 8's Nail the Trick mode, where you use the sticks to control your skater's legs, gets a slight tweak with SixAxis control: you'll instead be directing the spin on the board itself. It's a strange twist (no pun intended) but unfortunately it's not shown off in the video, which only features the luscious Special meter slow-mo feature.

Unlike other tilt-sensitive PS3 titles, Project 8 won't be a case of tilt or no tilt. You'll be able to customize your controls for any mix of tilt and stick-and-button use - just leaving in the grind balance and flicking up to ollie functionality, for instance.

For more on Project 8, check outour recent hands-on with the Xbox 360 version to see why we're already wearing helmets and elbow pads to the office.

October 24, 2006