Prof Kawashima's Brain Training

Likely to be placed highly in any competition judging the most obscure game title out there, Prof. Kawashima's Brain Training is another of Nintendo's genre-busting DS titles, right up there with Trauma Centre.

The Japanese have been going mad for the game, which is based on research from a leading professor of neuroscience at Tohoku University in Japan. Which essentially seems to be that if you use your brain it makes it work better - we hope he didn't spend too long working that one out.

The 'game' begins by testing your current brain age. Around the 20 year old mark is what you're aiming for. The test we were given involved working out simple sums as quickly as possible, although there are other tests.

Once your brain age has been determined, you're assigned a daily brain workout designed to improve on that age. Re-tests will then show how your brain is improving. You write the answers to sums using the stylus and voice recognition is used for some things like naming colours.

But it's not all serious tests - you can compete against your friends. We're looking forward to proving our intellectual superiority this April.