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Princess Peach and Zelda exposed!

Video game princesses are typically good for two things: inspiring skanky cosplay outfits and getting kidnapped. Up until now we've assumed that the latter was due to case of poor castle security, but if this video from College Humor starring Princess Peach and Zelda is any proof, it appears that we're the ones being played.

Mario lacks ambition? How many stars have you collected, Peach? Better yet, ever tried standing in a snow level for hours in nothing but a Tanooki suit? Didn't think so. And you, Zelda, too busy to return my letters? See if I come running next time Ganondorf comes home a bit too tipsy from the Milk Bar.

Anyway, where were we? Princesses...gotta love 'em.

Jan 12, 2011

[Source: College Humor]

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