The Prince Blu-ray review

Don't be fooled by the billing...

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Don’t be fooled by the billing: Bruce Willis and John Cusack only appear for a couple of phoned-in scenes each. Instead, we have Jason Patric on his very own Taken-esque mission, playing a former assassin tracking down his missing daughter caught up in a bad drugs scene. Unfortunately, his search leads him to the turf of his old rival (Willis) who is holding a major “you killed my family” grudge.

Patric’s bullet-scarred killer-gone-clean is a tired character in every sense, and no amount of exploding blood packs can make up for this much banality. At least there’s enough momentum to keep you from checking the timer every two minutes.


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Blu-ray release29 December 2014
DirectorBrian A. Miller
Starring"Bruce Willis","John Cusack","Jason Patric"
Available platformsMovie