Preview - Superman finally gets into the thick of Dark Nights: Death Metal #3

(Image credit: DC)

Dark Nights: Death Metal #3 goes on sale Tuesday, August 11 before taking a month off in September. DC has released a new preview of the issue. 

(Image credit: DC)

"When the entire Multiverse has gone metal, what does that do to a place like Apokolips? The homeworld of Darkseid and his legions of parademons was already plenty cruel, and that was before the place was transported to the heart of our sun and used to fuel Perpetua’s mission of mass destruction," reads DC's official description. 

"Yet, for Wonder Woman’s team of rebels to have any chance at defeating Perpetua and the newly minted Darkest Knight, they have no choice but to brave the fires and 'ParaRobins' of New Apokolips to rescue the one member of DC’s Trinity who hasn’t really been seen all that much since the start of Dark Nights: Death Metal - Superman. 

"Kal-El is being held captive within the sun and brutally tortured in a twisted attempt to harness his energy for Perpetua. Rescuing him will not only deal a massive blow to her evil empire, but will give our heroes the ally they need if they’re to have any hope of going head-to-head with the Darkest Night."

The Darkest Knight is the new status quo of the Batman Who Laughs, whose brain was transplanted into the body of a Dark Multiverse mash-up of Bruce Wayne and Watchmen's Doctor Manhattan, creating a new omnipotent evil Batman.  

DC's description continues: "Does Big Blue have what it takes to face such a nihilistic, powerful villain? Heck, does he even have the strength to escape New Apokolips? At this point, we haven’t seen Superman do much of anything other than scream and rock a headbanging new hairstyle. He might not be able to handle solid foods, let alone the most powerful super-villain to walk the earth."

Check out a preview of Dark Nights: Death Metal #3 below:

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