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Presenting iGamer: The lovely new digital iOS gaming magazine for your magic phone or pad

The iPhone, iPod touch and iPad are powerful gaming devices and there's hundreds of great games being released onto the App Store every month. Too many, some might say. And despite there being a raft of great stuff, it's getting increasingly tough to wade through the mire of crap in order to find the stuff worthy of your tappy fingerprints. How does one navigate that quagmire of clones and cack? That's where iGamer’s expert reviews come in.

iGamer showcases the best in iOS gaming, with reviews grouped together by popular types making them easier to browse through, such as Action & Adventure, Sports & Racing and even Strategy & RPG.

In our amazing interactive edition, unique to the Apple App Store, gamers can not only read all about the best games but see them in action too. Just swipe to a review and either hit the Play button to see the games in action or swipe to see great screenshots taken by our reviewers.With the magazine on the same screen you play on, you can go from finding out about a hidden App Store to loading it up in seconds.

iGamer goes way beyond flat page-turner magazines that hardly show off the great publishing and gaming platform that is the iPad and iPhone. For 100% iOS gaming there’s only iGamer.

Intrigued? In the UK? Head here for more deets. And if you're in the US, head here. iGamer is £1.99 for a single issue and £1.49 for a 30 day subscription.