Pre-E3 06: The system that never sleeps

While games were certainly the focus of Nintendo's press conference today, there was one new Wii feature that piqued everyone's interest. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata said the new console will practically never power-down, using a technology called "Wii Connect 24."

Even when you're done playing, Wii will continue pulling slight amounts of power to stay connected to the internet. While you're off doing other things, updates can continually stream onto the console, providing you with news each time you return. The best example provided was of the mentioned-but-not-shown Animal Crossing sequel, where people could visit your little animal village even when you're not playing, leaving presents or posting messages.

Even with all the news today, there was practically no mention of the Virtual Console, a feature that'll let you download classic games onto Wii.

May 9, 2006