Pre-apocalyptic photography game Umurangi Generation is coming to Switch and getting new DLC

Umurangi Generation, a game about taking cool photos at the end of the world, is coming to Switch later this year.

Umurangi Generation hit PC back in May, and it's still a strong contender for my personal Game of the Year pick. There's no specific release date for the Umurangi Generation Switch version yet, but I'll be strongly tempted to pick it up again (especially if it lets you use gyro controls to snap the perfectly angled photo). Even if you've already played on PC, there's more to look forward to soon: a DLC expansion titled Umurangi Generation: Macro is coming on November 7 for $9.99.

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I'll be real with you: the first thing that made me pick up Umurangi Generation is the fact that it has a bit of a Jet Set Radio vibe. Once I actually started playing, I was taken by the way it tells a story through familiar environments and unexpected intrusions, all with a fantastic sense of style and music. It was also fun taking lots of pictures of seagulls without worrying about them swooping in and eating my snacks.

The Jet Set Radio feelings will grow even stronger in Umurangi Generation: Macro, since it adds both roller skates and graffiti tagging to the game. Macro also adds new lenses and camera settings, as well as new levels to explore and photograph. Between this and Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, we are getting absolutely spoiled for funky futuristic games with fantastic music.

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