Power Girl and Fire & Ice get their own Dawn of DC titles

Power Girl Special #1 variant cover art by David Nakayama
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'Dawn of DC' is expanding again with two new titles starring cult classic DC heroes in a new modern context - in this case a title featuring Power Girl and one featuring the duo of Fire & Ice, both spinning out of May's upcoming Power Girl Special #1.

First up, the new Power Girl title by writer Leah Williams and artist Eduardo Pansica brings the Kara Zor-El of Earth-Two (who now goes by the name 'Paige') further into the fold of the Superman Family, with Kal-El's alt-reality cousin being enlisted to take on an ancient Kryptonian threat that arises following the events of DC's upcoming Knight Terrors crossover.

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Then, in Fire & Ice: Welcome to Smallville by writer Joanne Starer, artist Natacha Bustos, colorist Tamra Bonvillain, and letterer Ariana Maher, the two eponymous heroines find themselves forced to lay low in Superman's hometown after a disastrous incident in Baltimore puts them under intense scrutiny - to the point where they're even considering calling Ice's ex-boyfriend Guy Gardner for help.

(This is of course unrelated to the out-of-continuity DC Black Label title Human Target, where Ice and Guy's relationship is wrapped up in a big murder mystery).

The stories of both titles will begin in May 30's Power Girl Special #1, which features a main Power Girl story by writer Leah Williams and artist Marguerite Sauvage, as well as a back-up story starring Fire & Ice from Starer, Bustos, Bonvillain, and Maher, the same full creative team that will later launch the Fire & Ice: Welcome to Smallville title.

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DC hasn't specified whether Power Girl or Fire & Ice will be ongoing or limited series. Both Power Girl #1 and Fire & Ice: Welcome to Smallville #1 are due out on September 5.

Power Girl and Fire & Ice were all part of the Justice League International team, one of the best Justice League line-ups of all time.

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