Pourquoi Pas Moi? review

In cinematic terms, being gay is a lifestyle choice: it's more about faux leopardskin throws and disco classics than sex. In Stéphane Guisti's first solo project (as writer and director), a group of gay 20-somethings organise a weekend in the country to come out to their parents en masse and in style.

And there's the rub, because although this French comedy has style by the lorryload, there's little substance. The lukewarm script bulges with pop-culture references but gives the talented cast nothing interesting to say. Memorable characters appear, particularly Johnny Halliday's matador and Amira Casar's comic-book junkie, but their sitcom-like determination to understand one another and sort everything out by the close robs the film of dramatic tension.

Like the ill-advised, ultra-kitsch finale, it's beautiful, sentimental but rather pointless.

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