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Pokemusings, week 45

Bulbapedia, and a slew of other news outlets, recently reported that the June issue of CoroCoro magazine has leaked information onPokemon Platinum. This title is purported to be the final game in the current Pokemon generation, capping off a triumvirate started by Diamond and Pearl. There are lots of interesting rumors on this upcoming game, so take a look at several of them and give your our take in this special platinum edition of Pokemusings!

Above: Will Platinum kill Spiritomb's trade value on GTS?

The Underground will be Wi-Fi enabled

Out of all the Platinum rumors floating around, this one might be the shakiest. It would take quite a bit of work to makeThe Underground playable over Wi-Fi and it might not be worth the effort. That said, we hope this one is true. The multiplayer aspect of The Underground is horribly limited since it's only usable via a local wireless connection. The experience would be much more vibrant and fun if players could hook up with friends over Wi-Fi. On a side note, this would also make Spiritomb much easier to obtain, which in turn would kill its value onGTS.

Volkner Will be Replaced as the Sunnyshore Gym Leader

This would be another good one. We always thought Volkner was a whiny little priss. He's bored with his recent challengers and decides to go all mad scientists with his gym, putting a strain on Sunnyshore's electrical supply. This is a poor lesson to teach kids. If you're feeling morose or are overcome by ennui that does not give you the right to waste natural resources. In a day when we have to start thinking responsibly about energy and natural resources, Volkner is a wasteful jerk. He'll probably still be in Platinum in some shape or form, but we hope gets maimed by a Graveler.