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Pokemusings, week 41

There are some Pokemon that are just a pain in the butt to catch - legendaries, Pokemon that run around the map, honey tree Pokemon, etc. Thankfully, as the Pokemon games have progressed, many of these Pokemon are much easier to catch in Diamond/Pearl than they were in the forerunners. Still, it makes us reminisce about the good old days. We had our fair share of frustrations back then, but it all seems a bit funny now. This week's Pokemusings is a flashback dealing with some extremely difficult-to-catch Pokemon. Let's take a trip down memory lane!

Above: Catching Chansey in the Safari Zone took a ton of time and patience

Pokemon: Chansey
Games: Fire Red/Leaf Green
Location: Safari Zone

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The Safari Zone is one of our least favorite features in the Pokemon games. It's random and annoying... and likely to make you lose a fair bit of hair. Catching Chansey in Fire Red/Leaf Green is particularly vexing, since it rarely comes up and often runs off when you try to catch it. We've spent dozens of hours catching Chanseys through several runs of these games. We remember the migraines fondly (not really).

Still, people endeavor to catch Chansey this way, instead of evolving the free Happiny egg in Diamond/Pearl. Chansey can learn Seismic Toss in Fire Red/Leaf Green, which makes it considerably more versatile and dangerous. We recently went through this exercise again to create a Pokemusings prize. It took us more than ten hours to catch this egg-hugging tank. We don't want to do it again.