Pokemusings, week 28

Our resident Pokemon masters are back from holiday hiatus! We hope that everyone had an excellent holiday and a fine new year's celebration. Now that we're a hair into 2008, we thought it would be an excellent time to go over five Pokemon resolutions everyone should make for 2008. While a lot of you out there take exemplary care of your Pokemon, there's always something all of us could be doing better. Hopefully this list will inspire or remind you to do something new in the world of Pokemon.

1) EV Train Harder
The majority of Pokemon players out there do not precisely EV train their Pokemon. While this is absolutely fine for beating the story mode in Diamond/Pearl, it's unacceptable for competitive purposes. There are some players out there that do a half-assed job of EV training - not calculating every point, not erasing unwanted points, etc. To maximize your Pokemon's talents, it's essential that you EV train accurately. Use a crib sheet like the one above to keep track of the exact amount of points gained. Use berries to erase any unwanted points. Precise and accurate EV training will make your Pokemon the most powerful they can be.