PokemonRadar, Week 11

Welcome to the eleventh installment of GamesRadar’s weekly feature, PokemonRadar.

Today is a Pokemon double-header on GamesRadar in addition to the weekly PokemonRadar piece, you can check out our preview of the first Pokemon Wii game,Pokemon Battle Revolution.

In other Pokemon news, the unveiling of Manaphy on Pokemon.com proceeds apace. Soon the code to receive a Manaphy egg will slowly be meted out in chunks, and on January 20th the code will be presented in its entirety. Those looking to obtain their very own Prince of the Sea will need to complete Pokemon Ranger 's main story and the three Ranger Net missions that follow. Once those are completed and the code entered, you'll be able to tackle the final mission and receive your Manaphy egg at long last.

This week we'll revisit the Pokemon we profiled in ourfourth week, now evolved into their second forms and graced with 3D pictures and footage from Pokemon Battle Revolution. Stay tuned, because next week we'll unveil the new fossil Pokemon and their evolved forms!

Now, to the Pokemon!

Pokemon Name: Mukkubird
Type: Normal / Flying
Classification: Gray Starling
Pokedex Number: 011 Sinnoh / 397 National
Abilities: Intimidate - Lowers the enemy's Attack when entering battle
Location Found: Various, Evolved from Mukkuru
Useful Attacks: Aerial Ace

Early in their lives, young Mukkuru shed some of their cuteness and evolve into this adolescent avian. Mukkubird naturally have better stats than their cuddly forebears, but as their form becomes more imposing they're able to intimidate their opponents to lower their attack power. Furthermore, Mukkubird can learn two Hidden Machine moves to help you navigate Sinnoh: Fly, to quickly move from town to town, and Fog Clear, which blows away thick fog that would otherwise impede.