Pokemon tournament pics, plus hot Pikachu dance video

The 2010 Pokemon Regional Championships were held this past Saturday in San Mateo, and while slightly less flashy than last year's event, an impressive number of fiercely competitive Pokemon trainers showed up to battle.

For most of us, the best part of the tournament wasn't the actual competitionthough. We mostly enjoyed just hangingout with a bunch of fellow Pokemon enthusiasts and getting to talk at length and in detail about Pokemon. Exchanging tips on keeping track of EVs, gossiping about Black & White rumors, and talking moveset strategy is a lot more fun when you're with people who actually know whatthey're talking about.

To see videos of the final matchups for each division, head to theofficial Pokemon VGC site (opens in new tab).

Above: Empty and quiet before the seniors start pouring in

Above: Staff do some final prep while Pikachu oversees

Above:Crazy longline (it keeps going) outside for the senior participants, and this year no one was turned away even though the crowd was huge


Above: The air crackles with the electricity of competition

Above: Dreams were made and crushed across these tables

Above:D'awww!!! Henry and Tyler pose with Pikachu

Above: The union room was bustlin'

Above: The person who took this picture has something against Raikou

Above: The final four from the junior division get their official photos taken with Pikachu. Each will receive a travel stipend to attend nationals in Indianapolis

Above: Pikachu cuts a mean rug

May 17, 2010

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