Someone's making a smartwatch Pokemon game

If you needed any more excuses to consider a Pebble Watch then Mitch Davis - imgur user thekakester - is working on a Pokemon game that will work on your wrist. Entering a hackathon with the project this weekend with his girlfriend, Davis has been asking for 50 all new monster submissions to add to the original 150 - who clearly aren't enough.

If he receives all 50, Davis says he’ll make the game open source after the competition is over so the entries are clearly flooding in. Submissions already include our favourite best/worst Charmander tattoo and a really adorable version of Cthulu - or, Cutethulu... The map maker below is already working for the game.

Find out more and how to submit your own Pokemon on Davis’ imgur page. Maybe consider binning your Apple watch preorder at the same time.

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