Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will introduce Farigiraf, a new Girafarig evolution

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Farigiraf
(Image credit: Nintendo)

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will have an exclusive Girafarig evolution called Farigiraf, which is only available in the Paldea region. 

As revealed in the latest Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer, the Gen 9 game will introduce a new evolution of the Normal/Psychic type Pokemon Girafarig. The region-exclusive Pokemon is similar to its original form however swaps its chain-chomp-looking tail for a new hat. You can get a good look at this new Pokemon in action from the time-stamped video below. 

According to the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet official website (opens in new tab), Farigiraf's two brains (the one in its tail and the one in its head) have now become one. This means that its psychic energy has increased thanks to the "thick nerves" connecting its two brains. Because of this, Farigiraf can emit psychic waves through the antennae on the top of its head. 

This new evolution is also very good at defense. As the website reads: "The thick, sturdy head from its tail provides good defense for the head of the main body." Farigiraf is so much stronger, in fact, when the head from its tail closes its mouth, the Pokemon can whip its long neck around and deal a brutal attack that's tough enough to pulverize stone and crush steel beams, apparently. 

Farigiraf will also come with two new abilities. The first of the two new abilities is Cud Chew. When a Pokemon with this ability eats a berry, it allows it to eat it one more time at the end of the next turn. The second ability, Armor Tail, makes opposing Pokemon unable to use priority moves. Both of these new abilities are being introduced to the series for the first time in Scarlet and Violet. 

We'll be able to meet Farigiraf properly when Pokemon Scarlet and Violet releases on November 18, 2022, on the Nintendo Switch. 

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