Pokemon Scarlet and Violet shinies are hiding in walls

Pokemon Scarlet Violet iron hands
(Image credit: Nintendo)

Shiny Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet have been hiding inside walls this entire time.

As streamer RyanWasTaken demonstrates on Twitter just below, it turns out 'mons can hide inside walls in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. That extends to their shiny counterparts, too, meaning we might've missed several elusive creatures on our playthroughs.

As the clip above shows, a shiny Frigibax was hiding inside a wall. The Pokemon can't come through the wall into the play area, so the streamer has to time a Pokeball throw just right to get it to clip through the wall and engage the shiny creature in battle.

This makes the whole thing doubly frustrating. Having potentially shiny creatures hiding inside walls is one matter, but making it so that they can be battled and caught means there are potentially catchable creatures just outside your view, and you'd never know.

There's been quite a stir around shiny Pokemon recently. Last month, Scarlet and Violet players discovered trainers could give themselves an advantage in finding the rare 'mons by using the picnic to reset the nearby area. Perhaps this picnic manipulation cancels out the frustration of having shiny Pokemon potentially hiding in walls the entire time.

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