Pokemon Monday 46 - Bloodsport

Episode46 highlights

Super Pokemon Scramble announced in Japan- The 3DS sequel to WiiWare's Pokemon Rumble, Super Pokemon Scramble has been announced in Japan and there's no reason to expect it won't come out elsewhere too.

3D Pokedex- Have you downloaded this free3DS eShop item yet?

Pokemon figures in McDonald's happy meals- We conspire about how to procure all eight figures without actually ingesting the accompanying foodstuffs.

Awesome 3rd grader wins victory for Pokemon fans at his school- When his school banned Pokemon trading cards on campus, Lucas wrote a well-worded letter that convinced teacher to reverse their decision.

Pokemon of the week: Scolipede - Don't let Scolipede's type weaknesses fool you - this poisonous powerhouse makes up for its typing with scary speed and plenty of great STAB options.

Question of the week: Have you played every Pokemon generation? If not, which did you skip?

See you next week!

Jun 20, 2011

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