Pokemon developer Game Freak has introduced an optional four-day working week for its employees

Pokemon Legends Arceus
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Pokemon developer Game Freak has announced it is implementing an optional four-day work week for its employees. 

Revealed by Japanese outlet PR Times, Game Freak said (via DeepL translator) its new optional four-day workweek scheme is targeted at full-time employees who have young children - of around elementary school age or younger - or those who need to care for or provide nursing for other family members. 

Game Freak has explained that employees that fit that criteria can choose one day a week to take off as holiday for a slight pay reduction depending on how many they take off a month. Essentially measuring out at eight hours a day, four days a week, meaning 32 hours worked a week rather than the usual 40. It’s not yet clear whether this option is also offered to full-time employees without family commitments or exclusive to those who meet the requirements listed above. 

In a press release, Game Freak says that it wants to give its employees more freedom and flexibility when it comes to their work, whether it's via home working, staggered work hours, or an additional day off in the week, and represents the developer’s desire to create a new way of working that allows staff to adjust things depending on their circumstances that week. Game Freak also says it plans to continue evolving its work culture so that its employees can realize their full potential.  

If you’re wondering what Game Freak is up to these days, hot off the development of Pokemon Legends: Arceus, the Tokyo-based studio is now working on developing the next generation of Pokemon games with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet which is due to release in "late 2022."

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