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Pokemon Black and White post-game walkthrough and supplemental guide

Undella Town
Beachside Undella Town has quite a few opportunities for trainers battles, most notably you can battle Cynthia, the Sinnoh league champion, once a day during the spring and summer months. Be careful though – she's tough! There's also a huge villa to the west of town where the Riches family lives, and you can battle all six of them (one per day) for a major payout. Make sure your Pokemon holds an Amulet Coin to max out your earnings.

If you know what's good for you, you'll also trade aCinccinofor aMunchlaxto an NPC in Undella who only appears during summer. (Side note: if you go back to

Talk to the NPC outside of Cynthia's house to pick up HM06 Dive before continuing on, because you'll need it to access the Abyssal Ruins below Undella Bay.

Undella Bay
Wild Pokemon (~levels 25-60):

Surfing:Mantyke(Spring, Summer, Fall only),Spheal(Winter only),Wingull,Pelipper
Surfing patches:Sealeo(Winter only),Walrein(Winter only, rare),Mantine(Spring, Summer, Fall only – rare)Wailmer(common),Wailord(rare)
Fishing patches:Shellder,Luvdisc,Cloyster,Octillery

Surf east from Undella Town to enter Undella Bay. You can explore around and battle a few trainers, but what you really want to do is use HM06 Dive over one of four patches of dark water in the middle of the bay. Hold up on the d-pad to circle down and enter the ruins.

Abyssal Ruins

As labyrinths often are, this one is a bit tricky. Each time you enter you only have 500 steps before you get kicked out, and you've got a lot of ground to cover and many items to find. The first floor contains all of Arceus's plates (except the Draco and Splash Plates, which can be obtained from an NPC in a house on Route 13), as well as some Relic items (for a full list, please check out ouritem location guide). Finding the entrance to the second and third floor of the ruins yields even more valuable Relics. You'll have to enter and exit multiple times to find everything, and enter from all four entrances. Mercifully, you won't find any wild Pokemon down here.

If you're stuck trying to find a particular item, Marriland has detailed mapshere.

Route 14
Wild Pokemon (~levels 47-50 normal grass, 57-60 doubles grass, 25-70 in water):

Normal/doubles grass:Golduck,Jigglypuff,Tropius,Altaria,Beheeyem,Drifblim,Mienfoo(Mienshaoin doubles grass),Shuckle
Shaking patches:Audino(common),Wigglytuff(rare)
Surfing: Basculin,Buizel
Surfing patches:Buizel, Basculin,Floatzel
Fishing:Goldeen, Basculin
Fishing patches:Goldeen, Basculin,Seaking

Waterfall is required to fully explore Route 14 and access the Abundant Shrine, so make sure you have a Pokemon that knows it on your team (quite a few Water-type Pokemon can learn Surf, Dive, and Waterfall, so it's helpful to have an HM drone that knows all three). You can also find one of the seven sages here, so go ahead and talk to him to get your TM if you want (we'll cover this further below).

The big attraction off Route 14 is the Abundant Shrine, so let's head there.

Abundant Shrine
Wild Pokemon (~levels 47-50 normal grass, 57-60 doubles grass, 25-70 in water):

Normal/doubles grass:Chimecho,Vulpix,Noctowl,Bronzong,Stantler
Black only: Cottonnee,Murkrow
White only:Petilil,Misdreavus
Shaking patches: Audino, Emolga,Ninetales
Black only:Honchkrow,Whimsicott
White only:Mismagius,Lilligant
Surfing: Basculin,Slowpoke
Surfing patches:Slowpoke, Basculin,Slowbro,Slowking
Fishing:Goldeen, Basculin
Fishing patches:Goldeen, Basculin,Seaking

Located west off Route 14, Abundant Shrine is only accessible via Waterfall. The shrine and its surrounding area are quite small, but there are a number of trainers to battle and TM92 to grab (southeast of the shrine itself). Legendary Landorus will only reveal itself if you have both Thundurus and Tornadus in your party, which can be tough to manage if you only have one copy of the game. You could try your luck on the GTS, or if you have a friend with the opposite copy, you can arrange to borrow the legendary you need temporarily and then do the same for your friend in return.

Black City / White Forest

The appearance of your Black City or White Forest depends heavily on factors related to your gameplay – they can either be sparse landscapes with not much to do, or lush (White Forest) and bustling (Black City) areas to explore. The first factor that affects their population is how many days it took you to arrive at Black City or White Forest from the start of your playthrough – a quick playthrough will start you off with more stuff.

The second factor that affects your City/Forest is recruitment via the Entralink. If you have a friend with the other version of the game, you can visit their opposite area through the Entralink and recruit people from their game into yours. This way, you can expand the number Pokemon (White), trainers (Black) and items you can obtain.

If you've maxed out everything, the Pokemon available in White Forestare:

Nidoran F
Nidoran M

Route 15
Wild Pokemon (~levels 47-50 normal grass, 57-60 doubles grass):
Normal/doubles grass:Fearow,Marowak,Gligar,Kangaskhan,Pupitar
Sawk(Black only)
Throh(White only),
Watchog(doubles grass only)
Shaking patches: Audino,Emolga,Glisgor,Tyranitar

If importing your Pokemon from DPPHGSS is top on your list of important things to do, you may have headed here first post-game to use the Poke Transfer. You need two DSes to use the Poke Transfer, but aside from that the process is straightforward. And speaking of Pokemon from previous generations, you can also obtain a Rotom by trading a Ditto to the NPC inside the trailer on the western end of the route.

Marvelous Bridge
Wild Pokemon:
Swanna(level 48-50)

Not much going on on this bridge, but you can purchase aMagikarpfrom an NPC if you so desire. The first time you visit the bridge, the Shadow Triad will appear to give you the Lustrous, Adamant and Griseous Orbs. Aside from that, you can also collect various wings by walking over the shadowy patches much like you can on the Driftveil Drawbridge.

Route 16 and Lostlorn Forest
Wild Pokemon (~levels 19-22 normal grass, 22-25 doubles grass)

Normal/double grass:Gothita(Black only),Solosis(White only),Minccino,Liepard,Trubbish
Shaking patches:Audino, Emolga,Cinccino

Route 16 has the usual trainers to battle, but most notable feature of this route is that it leads to Lostlorn Forest to the west. If you have one of the event-only shiny legendary beasts transferred over from DPPHGSS, something quite magical will happen as you approach the mysterious trailer within.

Finding the Seven Sages

After you beat N and Ghetsis and you wake up back at your house in Nuvema Town, Looker shows up to give you the Super Rod and tell you about tracking down some Team Plasma sages. Since you already took care of Ghetsis, you only have six more to track down and arrest. They're most fun to look for on your own, but if you're stuck, here's where you can find each one.

Gorm – Dreamyard Basement
Ryoku – Relic Castle
Zinzolin – Cold Storage
Bronius – Chargestone Cave
Rood – Route 18
Giallo – Route 14

Outbreaks (swarms)

Check the news feeds inside any of the lookout stations (the gates between areas) to see which Pokemon is swarming where each day. Swarms change daily.

Both versions:
Croagunk– Route 8
Doduo– Route 12
Exeggcute– Route 18
Farfetch'd– Route 1
Hippopotas– Route 4
Mankey – Route 15
Pineco – Route 16
Sentret– Route 7
Shuppet– Route 13
Smeargle– Route 5
Tyrogue– Route 10
Wynaut– Route 2
Yanma– Route 14

Black only:
Houdour– Route 9
Plusle– Route 6
Shroomish– Route 11
Volbeat– Route 3

White only:
Illumise– Route 3
Minun– Route 6
Paras– Route 11
Poochyena– Route 9

Page one: Challenger's Cave, Route 11, Village Bridge, Route 12, Lucunosa Town, Route 13, Giant Chasm
Page two: Undella Town, Undella Bay, Abyssal Ruins, Route 14, Abundant Shrine, Black City / White Forest, Route 15, Marvelous Bridge, Route 16 and Lostlorn Forest, the Seven Sages, Outbreaks (swarms)

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