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Pokemon Black and White Pokedex - Rufflet, Braviary

#134 Unova / #628 National
Species classification: Valiant Pokemon
Keen Eye – Accuracy cannot be lowered
Sheer Force – User's attacks that have a secondary effect get a 1/3 boost in power, but the secondary effect is ignored
Dream World ability: Defiant – User's Attack stat raises two stages for every stat lowered by an opponent (including Attack)
Location found (Black): Trade with White
Location found: (White): Route 11, Village Bridge
Wild hold items: None
Egg groups: Flying
Capture rate: 60
Gender ratio: Male only
Experience at lvl 100: 1,250,000
Base stats: 100 HP / 123 Atk / 75 Def / 57 SAtk / 75 SDef / 80 Spd / 510 Total
Effort values: 2 Attack
Evolution family:Rufflet> Braviary at level 54

These handsome eagles are exclusive to Pokemon White, and they're the counterpart to the Black-exclusivesVullabyandMandibuzz. Rufflet and Braviary have a bit more of an exclusive feel though, because as a male-only species they can only bred with a Ditto to produce Rufflet offspring.