P.N. 03 review

A shooter with a heroine who's sexier than the game she's stuck in

But for some of us, the stingy, awkward control and bland rooms aren't enough to keep our minds off Vanessa. Her habitual dancing and gyrating to the ever-present techno music is eyeball alcohol, and even if the visuals are simple, they do convey a bleak, machine-ruled future that operates in terms of black and white. It's a simple but effective style that goes hand in hand with the game's straightforward but workable gameplay. Or maybe we're just reaching really, really far to say something nice about a pretty girl.

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DescriptionTalk about style over substance; the surroundings and heroine are far more interesting than the tedious running and gunning.
US censor ratingTeen
Release date9 September 2003 (US), 9 September 2003 (UK)