P.N. 03 review

A shooter with a heroine who's sexier than the game she's stuck in


  • Sexy new heroine you'd sell your soul for
  • Shooting
  • prancing around
  • Electronica soundtrack sets the tone


  • Not terribly deep or rewarding
  • Trial Missions are necessary but boring
  • She's more interesting than the game

You ever shacked up with someone and absolutely hated their guts but just couldn't walk away? That's what playing P.N. 03 feels like. It's got a look, style and outright sex appeal that beats any other running-and-shooting action game out there, but is just so damn disappointing once you start looking for any depth.

From the moment the impossibly attractive leading lady Vanessa Schneider dances - literally - through her first search-and-destroy mission, the action never changes. Guide Vanessa through room after sterile room, blowing robots into scrap while prancing around incoming missiles and laser blasts.

In theory, Vanessa is supposed to be a slinky, top-level bounty hunter who can dodge bullets. She sure looks like she can, yet she handles like a tank. Sure, you can side step, leap and twirl away from projectiles, but how about being able to run and shoot at the same time, guys?

So there you have it. Run through corridors of identical-looking space stations, destroy power supplies and collect some cash. The more you play, the more you'll wish Vanessa wasn't trapped in such a shoddy game. Her suit is upgradeable (and available in a rainbow of colors), but to fetch enough bank for the power-up, you have to run throughrandomly generated (yet often repeating)trial missions in between the main story missions. They're repetitive as hell and really strain what little fun there is to have. Think about it - a space station the size ofa small cityand you're stuck roaming the same 10 rooms.

More Info

DescriptionTalk about style over substance; the surroundings and heroine are far more interesting than the tedious running and gunning.
US censor ratingTeen
Release date9 September 2003 (US), 9 September 2003 (UK)