PlayStation VR is now more affordable than ever, after Sony announces a huge, permanent price drop

Calling all VR sceptics! You might finally have a reason to break that piggy bank and jump in on the virtual reality bandwagon, as PlayStation has just announced a significant and permanent price drop to its PSVR headset, making the best PlayStation VR deals even better. 

From tomorrow (March 29), the PlayStation VR Starter Pack - which includes the headset, a PlayStation camera, and a download code for party game pack VR Worlds - will cost you just £259.99 in the UK, slashed from the original RRP of £349.99. In Australia, it will cost $419.95.

In the US, the new price drop looks even tastier, as the DOOM VFR bundle - which includes the camera, a copy of Doom VFR, and a PS VR demo disc - will be sold at the attractive price point of $299.99, down $100 from the previous RRP of $399.99. 

PlayStation VR + Doom VFR for $299 from Amazon:

PlayStation VR + Doom VFR for $299 from Amazon: Grab this bundle with the brilliant Doom VFR right now, and join the future of gaming.

PlayStation VR + VR Worlds for £259 from Amazon:

PlayStation VR + VR Worlds for £259 from Amazon: If you're based in the UK, this is the bundle for you. And VR Worlds is a nice mix of great VR games.

PlayStation VR bundle with PlayStation Worlds for AU $419.95

PlayStation VR bundle with PlayStation Worlds for AU $419.95 - down from the old price of $549.95. Includes VR Worlds.

Other, more expensive PSVR bundles will also come down as a result of this price cut, but as it stands, the Starter Pack and Doom bundle are the cheapest and best value packages you'll find for the headset in either region. 

Price drops like this are natural, expected outcomes for gaming hardware as time goes on (Sony dropped the price of the PlayStation 4 just last year), but this is the first time the PSVR headset has seen such a significant slashing in cost, and could be the final push that's needed to get more people interested in virtual reality gaming. 

Sony's virtual reality kit has always been the most affordable premium VR headset out there, and this news only makes the product more competitive against the likes of the pricier Oculus Rift and HTC Vive systems for PC. 

Indeed, PSVR has already sold over 2 million units, making it the most successful product of its kind on the market, but financial entry barriers still means virtual reality has some headway to make before it becomes the game-changer that its makers often hail it as. 

With its new £259/$299 label, PSVR is now almost the same price as a standard PlayStation 4, so it's safe to say that this entry barrier has been significantly lowered for console owners. Whether that amounts to an marked uptick in sales and stature? Only time will tell...

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