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PS3 games are being taken off the mobile and desktop PlayStation Store, Sony confirms

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Sony has sent out an email confirming that a new PlayStation Store is launching on web and mobile between October 21 and 28. Among other changes, the update will remove the ability for players to buy PS3 games, Vita games, PSP games, as well as PS4 apps, themes, and avatars on the mobile and desktop PlayStation Store.

The only difference between Sony's official email and the below report is the dates for the update. According to the latest information from Sony, the update goes live "from 21 - 26 October, and on mobile 28 October."

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Original story follows...

Sony is reportedly communicating to developers that a brand new PlayStation Store is launching for web browsers on October 19 and for mobile devices on October 28. The update would remove the option to buy PS3, Vita, and PSP games as well as PS4 apps, themes, and avatars on mobile and desktop. If the report is true, PlayStation also plans to do away with the Wishlist function entirely, and anything you currently have in your Wishlist will be removed.

To be perfectly clear, the report from Planete Vita (opens in new tab) doesn't suggest any changes coming to the PlayStation Store on console, so you'll still be able to pick up games and content from your PS4 or PS3 directly. The overhaul only affects the PlayStation Store when accessed through a desktop or mobile device.

Still, it's a significant update that could signal Sony's intention to begin transitioning into the era of the PS5 in the few weeks leading up to launch. In practical terms, the situation most affects people who still play a lot of PS3. While they'll still be able to buy digital PS3 games directly through the console's PlayStation Store, the desktop and mobile app is significantly less cumbersome to navigate.

In case there was any doubt, this doesn't affect anything you've already bought on the PlayStation Store, so fear not, your PS3 games and PS4 themes and avatars are safe.

Thinking about selling your old PS3? Think again, because the PS5 definitely is not compatible with games older than PS4.

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