PlayStation is reportedly trying to improve its relationships with indie devs

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PlayStation is reportedly trying to repair its relationship with indie publishers and developers.

IGN claims to have obtained an internal Sony/PlayStation document entitled "2021 Global Partner Survey Results." This document obtains feedback from a number of Sony's development and publishing partners, and identifies areas that the company could improve upon.

This follows after PlayStation was criticized by indie developers earlier this year. As IGN also reported at the time, Sony drew the ire of the independent games development crowd for a number of reasons, including a lack of communication, issues with discoverability, and extreme limitations on how and when games can be put on sale.

Now, around half a year later, Sony is seemingly trying to improve on those issues, with the aforementioned report pledging to improve communication channels as well as providing indie devs with "better game sales, engagement, and promotion analytics", as well as modernizing systems to help indies.

Although it's not entirely clear if there's a timeline within the company itself for getting these planned improvements off the ground - although IGN has spoken with developers who claim they have already noticed an improvement in support times -  it's still nonetheless a positive sign that one of the biggest companies in the games industry is actively looking to improve a number of key areas for a wide swathe of its publishing and development partners.

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