PlayRaven building new team to create the next Spymaster game!

PlayRaven, makers of the accomplished Spymaster series on iOS, is looking for some serious new talent to help create a new game for touch-screen devices. The studio boasts experts from big studios like Remedy, Rockstar, and Wooga, so you'd be joining an elite group with plenty of experience. However, this new Spymaster game will be made by a totally fresh team, so it's a real opportunity to make your mark. Do you have what it takes?

PlayRaven is based in Helsinki, Finland, and their diverse team has people from Brazil, UK, Mexico, Germany and Italy, so you'll fit right in if you're currently based elsewhere. If you have experience of F2P and mobile development, this is an exciting opportunity to become part of a world-class, independent studio making finely-crafted, touch-screen projects. PlayRaven share the same investors as Supercell and Spotify, backed by $7m in funding. Do you have the courage to leave the AAA environment and take ownership of a game? PlayRaven would love to hear from you.

Here are the roles that are currently available:

Senior Game Designer - Link
Senior UI Artist - Link
Senior Programmer - Link
Senior Server Programmer - Link
All PlayRaven jobs - Link

Think you're savvy enough to fill any of these? Do you have the imagination and skills to create the finest spy game on touch devices? The best way to find out is to apply for one of the jobs, or check out the PlayRaven website right here.