Player discovers game breaking Marvel vs Capcom 3 glitch

In the proud tradition of Guile's handcuffs glitch, fighting game guru Desk (aka YouTube user Biffotasty) has discovered a huge, game breakingglitch in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. The glitch involves Zero, and renders the game totally unplayable once it hits.

Check the video out here:

What's happening: Activating Zero's Sougenmu Hyper (QCB +2 Attacks) then hitting a character with a snapback attack (QCF + an Assist) while their assist is on screen causes both characters to leave the screen then not come back. Note thatZero's shadow's snapback must be the one that hits for this to work.The match continues until the time runs out.

It's easy to complain and say characters like Sentinel are broken after losing online yet again, but this is literally broken. Granted, it's an extreme situation that's unlikely to affect 99% of matches, but it automatically shuts the game down if it hits. It works online as well, so get readyto see a huge influx of Zero players until Capcom patches it.

Via biffotasty's YouTube

March 9, 2011

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