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Play 'real-life' Pac-Man with PacMap

Tired of playing Pac-Man? Maybe it’s time to try actually being Pac-Man with PacMap, an augmented reality game for Android phones that uses Google Maps to create a maze in your own neighborhood. Just watch out for the ghosts.

We tried the game out walking in our residential English neighborhood and it worked quite well. However, we couldn't help but wonder how the game would play in the nest of tightly-packed alleyways that make up many areas of downtown Tokyo, or what running around Manhattan would be like. Those that live in the countryside may be out of luck, however, as the game needs a network of roads to play.

You can download Pac-Map on the Android marketplace or throughAppBrain (opens in new tab). Just try not to get hit by a bus while running from a ghost into traffic.

[Source:Android Police (opens in new tab)]

Jan 4, 2011