Pinocchio Soulslike Lies of P gets new gameplay trailer with heaps of Bloodborne vibes

The upcoming Pinocchio Soulslike has a new gameplay trailer showing off the many violent tendencies of its puppet mechanoid main character, and it looks really fun for a game titled, ahem, Lies of P.

In case this is the first you've heard of Lies of P, don't expect anything resembling the classic Disney animated movie from 1940 or even the upcoming live-action adaptation. This version is a much darker tale, with its main character on a desperate search for Geppetto who he hopes will be able to make him human. 

The story begins when you wake up at an abandoned train station in the extraordinarily chaotic, violent city of Krat, where you soon find a note telling you that Mr. Geppetto is somewhere nearby. From there you'll be confronted by all manor of horrific foe trying to stop you from abandoning puppet life.

While it's clearly inspired by the Dark Souls series, and specifically Bloodborne, there's a lot here that appears entirely unique. For one, you'll need to lie your way through the story, and that means making strategic dialogue choices that affect the way the story plays out and determines the ending you get. And then there's Pinocchio's diverse arsenal of weapons you'll use to fight off enemies with, which includes elemental powers, some sort of shovel-like melee weapon, and an arm cannon.

Lies of P is due to launch on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC in 2023.

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Jordan Gerblick

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