Picture gallery: Smith, Santa and scares

Will Smith’s latest pic (at least, the one that doesn’t feature mankind being wiped out by a vampiric-like virus) has been undergoing a bit of a name change recently. It shifted from the awkward Tonight, He Comes (probably to avoid confusion with porn movies) to the equally ugly, but at least shorter, John Hancock.

And the paparazzi snappers have been out in force to capture the Fresh Prince as a washed-up superhero who causes trouble for his neighbours when he crash lands Brooklyn and starts wooing Charlize Theron’s sexy housewife. You can catch a glimpse of Smith here , but be warned: bitchiness lies in the comments.

And over at Comingsoon.net, they’ve been updating their galleries for two upcoming movies – Fred Claus and The Invasion.

The Fred Claus pics are exactly what you’d expect – plenty of Vince Vaughn looking sleazy, cheesy or confused at elves and Santa’s workshop, with the big man himself (Paul Giamatti) outraged. Find them here .

While over at The Invasion, it’s much more about Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig looking perturbed/worried/terrified at the prospect of evil alien pod people taking over all their friends and neighbours. Track down the pics here . But should you start worrying that the person sitting near you and acting strangely is actually an evil body-snatching fiend, don’t panic. They’ve probably just watched too much Hollyoaks.

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