PGR4 NOT limited by DVD size

Bizarre Creations has backtracked on its comments last week, wherethe developerriled up controversy by saying there was no proper day and night system in PGR4 because "it was a problem fitting all this data onto a single DVD."

Now the developer says (possibly after backhanding theguy who made the first statement) that the gaming public has got the "wrong end of the stick."

"It's time we cleared this one up," reads the website statement. "DVD size is absolutely not a factor that we consider when designing our games... and PGR4 is no exception. DVD9 gives us more than we need to create a fabulous experience for you guys.

"Rather than having two 'fixed' times of day, this time around we decided to use our time to create a dynamic weather system, which effectively creates a much more dramatic palette from which to work with," the statement continues.

"We've never had to cut content to fit on the disc, and we probably never will."

There you go then; the DVD apocalypse isn't nigh, and Microsoft won't be jumping ship for HD-DVD island any time soon.

August 2, 2007