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PGR-beating Race Driver screens

Nov 29, 2007

We were expecting some fairly bland images of cars on race courses, but instead Codemasters' latest racer bound for PS3, 360 and PC will have you pulling nutty Fast and Furious-style drifts in city streets, as these sweet new screens show.

This is what we're all about - throwing the car's rear end out and powering round corners sideways while the screeching tires kick up ludicrous amounts of smoke, just inches from the car in front. It looks like a more realistic Ridge Racer game.

The details in the city environments look brilliant and check out that motion blur. You can see the rest of the screenshere.

Race Driver Grid, as it's now officially called, runs on the same engine as the stunning-looking Colin McRae DiRT, which should make for a pretty impressive damage system and some really nice lighting.

Also like in DiRT, Codemasters promises that Race Driver will pack a great variety of race types, including circuit and city racing in real-life settings, drift racing and illegal street racing in Japan.

Looks the goods, as long as we don't see bikes and cars thrown into races together.

Courtesy of CVG.