Persona 5 Royal will launch on Xbox and Windows with every bit of DLC included

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Persona 5 Royal's upcoming Xbox and Windows versions will include all previous DLC releases.

As first reported by Persona Central earlier this week on June 27, when Persona 5 Royal arrives on Xbox and Windows platforms later this year, it'll be accompanied by a host of DLC items. Atlus is bundling in all previously released DLC content for Persona 5 Royal for its debut on the Xbox Game Pass subscription service.

All told, this includes over 40 DLC items for Persona 5 Royal. Xbox and Windows PC players will be eating very well later this year, as there are brand new costumes for the Phantom Thieves and Kasumi Yoshizawa to enjoy, as well as music and costume sets from the four previous Persona games to kit our heroes out in.

Atlus might be bundling in all the DLC for the Xbox and PC versions of Persona 5 Royal, but it's made no mention of the PS5 version of the game having such content, or the Steam version. Aside from coming to the aforementioned platforms, Atlus' 2020 game is also getting a PS5 upgrade with new-gen features, but it might not get the same DLC treatment.

Either way, we won't have too long to wait until we finally know what the deal is with Persona 5 Royal's DLC situation on PS5 and Steam. Persona 5 Royal launches on PC and Xbox consoles via Xbox Game Pass, as well as Steam and PS5 later this year on October 21. This is just the first stage of re-releases for Atlus's series though, as Persona 4 Golden and Persona 3 Portable will be making their way to PS4, Xbox consoles, and PC next year in 2023.

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