Persona 5 Royal has the PS4's highest platinum completion rate among exclusive titles

(Image credit: Atlus)

There are plenty of games that could claim to have the world's most loyal fans, but few that could actually back that claim up. Persona 5 Royal certainly falls into that second category, as it turns out that players of the enhanced version of the acclaimed RPG have the highest platinum completion rate of any PS4 exclusive.

As spotted by Ungeek, 16.7% of the game's players have picked up the Platinum trophy,  'The Phenomenal Phantom Thief', since its release in Japan last year, and its Western release in March. That's significantly higher than many other high-profile PS4 exclusives - Marvel's Spider-Man rushed to 10% shortly after launch, but has now slipped to less than 9%. Horizon Zero Dawn sits at 6%, while only 4.9% of God of War players have secured the top prize.

Amusingly, only 2.6% of those who played the original version of Persona 5 have secured the Platinum there, suggesting that those playing Royal are significantly more invested. It's also worth noting that the enhanced version's trophy isn't too difficult to secure, as it can be acquired in just one playthrough, but that's all pretty relative for an RPG as long as this one.

It's worth noting that Persona 5 Royal isn't the most-Platinumed game out there - plenty of indie games make it significantly easier to acquire the top prize. Given the quality of the PS4's roster of exclusives, however, topping that list is still a notable achievement.

Sony's changing up how trophies will work ahead of the PS5 launch, raising the level cap from 100 to 999. You won't lose your progress though - you'll be scaled up after the change to better illustrate just how far you've come.

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