Peaches review

It's small scale. Happy with that? A chance for actors to shine as they really work the dialogue, uncluttered by CGI or huge explosions. Sound good? It's based on a play, so it's all about the writing. Excited? And it's British. Come back! Thankfully, while not great, Peaches is nowhere near the abominable level of recent Brit flicks like Sorted or Love, Honour & Obey.

It has its problems - - writer/director Nick Grosso has singularly failed to shake the theatrical roots from this story of a recent graduate (Matthew Rhys) who just wants the easy life. It consists mostly of characters sitting, walking or driving and talking. But the cast are perfectly adequate, even if the script doesn't really give them much to chew on, besides some laddish banter about dating. Still, if all you're looking for is a competent, if uninspired, prattle of the sexes, you could do worse than check out the fruits of Grosso's labour.

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