PC Gamer looks ahead to the new year

With December almost halfway over, you can see the signs of the coming year's end nearly everywhere you look. One of the most reliable of these omens is the compulsion of every media outlet in existence to offer some sort of year-in-review list aimed at cashing in on your nostalgic desire to remember all the mainstream (or not-so-mainstream, you indie rogue, you) media you've consumed before it washes away in a flood of eggnog and sentimentality.

Well, the fine forward-looking folks at PC Gamer have forsworn this flashback-ing foolishness in favor of the future! In the new issue, hot off the presses, they take a look at the Top 10 Games of 2007, offering some juicy bits about next year's most anticipated titles, including Spore, Crysis, Bioshock, and UT 2007. Add in some tidbits from renowned game developers on what they're looking forward to, and you've got a fresh end-of-the-year issue worth picking up.

You can look forward to a whole pack of new game reviews as well, including Sid Meier's Railroads, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, and Guild Wars: Nightfall. And if you're wondering what exactly, in the name of Churchill, the Medal of Honor series has yet to offer you, peep the preview of MoH: Airborne and find out.

There's also a nifty last-minute gamer gifting guide, and a cool little feature about independent gaming, something that you should be interested in even if you're not the indie rogue we thought you were.

December 13, 2006