PC Gamer gets world exclusive for Fallout: New Vegas

Our friends down the hall at PC Gamer are hard at work on what may be their best issue of all time. We can’t tell you much about their upcoming April issue. What we can tell you is that this month's marquee story is the grand unveiling of Fallout: New Vegas, the highly anticipated post-apocalyptic role-playing adventure. Also starring: an expanded, enhanced look at Crysis 2, in-depth with Star Trek Online, Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening, ArmA II: Operation Arrowhead, Brink, and Silent Hunter V. Supporting cast: reviews of Supreme Commander 2, STALKER: Call of Pripyat, Wings of Prey, Napoleon: Total War, and more. We cap it all off with an exhaustive super-test of the top eleven MMOs in play today.

Above: The April issue of PC Gamer will be hitting news stands on March 2. Get ready to get yours

Feb 16, 2010